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The Xplora features guide: This is what you get!

The Xplora features guide: This is what you get!

Say hello to your new family companion! With an high-tech Xplora smartwatch you will get an instant safe connection to your kids with its advanced list of features - like phone, messages and GPS! At the same time kids will love all the fun and activity that comes with it.

Welcome to the Xplora Family, or if you're thinking about purchasing an Xplora smartwatch maybe we can convince you as to why you should! We wanted to share a complete overview of all the functions built into Xplora's smartwatch. You will be amazed at what you and your children will be able to achieve! 

On your child’s wrist is one of the market's most advanced smartwatches for children. Xplora smartwatches make everyday life easier and more fun – for both children and adults. Here at Xplora it is our mission to give children a safe introduction to the digital world with restricted access to the Internet with all its unwanted content. So let's get started! 


Cell phone: Your child now has the opportunity to call you from their smartwatch! With Xplora's own SIM card, you and your child are instantly connected! The smartwatch will have its own phone number and calls will go directly to the watch. Your child will be able to communicate via the watch's built-in microphone and speaker. Note the parent app can approve up to 50 contacts that can stay in touch, no random calls can be received or sent out if the numbers are not pre-approved! Learn more in the contact list section. 

Call & message all your loved ones with an Xplora smartwatch for kids.

The smartwatch can receive messages via Chat – to which your child can reply with emojis, voice messages and pictures that they take on their smartwatch!

Contact list: Parents can approve up to 50 contacts in the parent app that your child can freely communicate via the smartwatch. This means that your child cannot establish contact with anyone other than those you want, and no unauthorized person can contact the child via the smart watch. Xplora is an award winning smartwatch for kids. Winner of CES 2023!

Photo and Video:
Each Xplora smartwatch comes with a camera that is capable of snapping photos and recording videos! The photos taken can be shared through text messages with all approved contacts. They can also use any photos they have taken as a background to put a personal touch on the smartwatch! Kid’s can capture the small magical everyday moments! 

Clock: With the digital clock, your child can keep track of the time, or practice learning the clock if needed! The clock comes with different types of display of the time, with the option of both analogue and digital dials. 

GPS and Safe Zones: With Xplora's GPS function, you can easily follow when your child is out playing . You can also create safe zones in the Xplora app, which will notify you when your child arrives or leaves the zone. This way, you give your child freedom while having a piece of mind knowing they are safe! 

School Mode: Schools often have strict restrictions on the use of cell phones and watches. Xplora smart watches come with a smart function that locks the display on the watch during school when children must focus on their tasks. The smart clock is only a regular clock in school mode! 

Alarm and Reminder Function: Struggling to get your child to get up in the morning? With the clock's built-in alarm, you can keep your child on time and on schedule! The alarm function can also be used as a reminder of other tasks and activities throughout the day. 

Pedometer: With the built-in pedometer, the child can monitor their own activity at all times. A real motivation to be in motion! Xplora encourages kids to get out there and move– as a matter of fact the more active they are the more Xplora Coins they can earn and use in our Goplay app! 

Activity Platform: This is Xplora's own activity universe - where children can participate in super cool campaigns with the smart watches by being active. With the pedometer, your children's steps are converted into a separate currency in the Goplay platform – Xplora Coins. We work closely with companies such as Universal Studio and Warner Bros, to create a number of campaigns that will keep your children engaged and wanting to adventure out! Some past campaigns we have run are Tom & Jerry, Boss Baby, Dora the Explorer, Space Jam,Peter Rabbit and more!

Xploras Activity Platform ensures healthy and active kids!

In the campaigns, your children can also help change the world via our sustainable projects that the children can participate in; we have already planted new trees and given water to children who need this through UNICEF. The next project is about building up cities with green energy. It is not without reason that our vision is
Play to move the world! 

Xplora Coins: This is Xplora and Goplay's own currency! By walking, you are awarded one coin per thousand steps. These can also be shared between the children's watches and themselves, so in this way the family can collectively save up for something in the Goplay Store, where you regularly find new exciting and cool items.

Medals: The number of steps is counted per year, so every January 1st they are reset to zero. Each year, users are awarded their medals based on how much activity they have had – there is everything from the Iron medal after 50,000 steps, to the Black Diamond Plus medal for a whopping 4 million steps. So it's just a matter of getting started! 

Water resistant: Xplora's smartwatches are robust and intended for children who play. It is therefore water-resistant and can be used in all kinds of stormy weather. It is still recommended to take off the watch when showering or otherwise playing in water. 

Wi-Fi: The watches can be connected to Wi-Fi, and this is also recommended to keep the watch up-to-date with the latest software (firmware). 

GPS tracker and parental APP is included with an Xplora smartwatch for kids!

Parents' app: With the Xplora app you manage the entire watch and have control over many of the above-mentioned points and functions - such as keeping an overview in GPS and setting safe zones. This app is easily downloaded via the App Store or Google Store to your own mobile phone. 

There you have it! Everything you need to know about the functions on your child’s Xplora smartwatch. We hope you enjoy using all of these features and staying connected with your children! 

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