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What is the difference between the Xplora-models?

What is the difference between the Xplora-models?

What exactly are the main differences between the XGO3 and the X6Play? And why are they both better than their predecessors? Learn all about our innovative smartwatches specially designed for kids here! 

Since 2016, Xplora has been dedicated to making a safe device for kids who are on the doorstep to the big world out there. For the 6th generation of Xplora smartwatches we are proud to present our first product that is produced in-house from design to production. Xplora has delivered over 1 million smartwatches and is trusted by parents all over the world!

Our models

So let’s get down to business! Xplora has currently three smartwatches on the market - a quick overview:

XGO3 - our entry level product with all the famous Xplora features.

X5 Play - our former Premium model is still a top notch smartwatch for kids and the current leader of the market. 

X6Play - the brand fresh Premium model with more power and a lot more possibilities to personalize. Truly a next level smartwatch for our future generation of kids!

Let’s dive a little deeper! 


XGO3 - More than you expect. For less than you think!

This is the easy way to get it all! The XGO3 is rich on features and gentle on pricing compared to the other Xplora models. But don’t be fooled - this is a powerful smartwatch for kids and delivers all basic needs for both parents and kids. This model is the perfect family companion.

The XGO3 is improving on the success of previous XGO-products and features all the high-quality components of a top-range Xplora device at a fraction of the price!

The camera is better (2M), the battery (850mAh) lasts longer and the design is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. The smartwatch comes with a 4G SIM-card so it will be up and running instantly. And so will your kid! With a step counter and the award-winning Goplay platform with games, campaigns, and auctions, kids will be rewarded for their activity. The XGO3 comes in bright, fun colors, and is tailored to the needs of kids and their parents.

The Xplora XGO3 smartwatch for kids is a perfect introduction to the digital world and comes with all the key features to be onboarded safely. It provides comfort, fun, and security in everyday life for the whole family. Thanks to mobile connectivity, children can discover the world carefree and communicate with their friends and relatives safely at any time.

Let your kids run free, meet friends, have fun, and experience adventures together - Xplora takes care of the rest! 


  • Phone
  • Chat and Voice Messages
  • GPS Location Function with SOS and Safety Zones
  • School Mode
  • Step Counter, Stopwatch, and Alarm
  • 2 MP Camera, picture gallery, emojis
  • Access to the Goplay activity universe

 What's new compared to the XGO2?

→ High-quality standard at the best price/performance ratio

→ Water resistant IP68 

→ Longer battery life

→ More reliable and better technology

→ More accurate GPS

→ Better camera!


X6Play. More Powerful. More Personal

Every child is unique - now their smartwatch is too!

When Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon, it was a major milestone for humanity. In many ways you could say this is our moon landing. The X6Play is a powerful and personal smartwatch for kids that is unlike anything else in the category so far - our new Premium model! An easy choice for us parents - a giant leap for kidkind!

With the X6Play you get a playful, powerful and personal smartwatch! Technically it is a major leap into the future. Enjoy a faster processor, a sharper and brighter screen, better battery performance, improved speaker sound, and more storage with room for 10 000 high resolution pictures taken with the awesome built-in 5MP camera!

Xplora has delivered over 1 million smartwatches around the world and is trusted by parents, and loved by the kids! Making every day life easier, more fun, playful and active for the whole family with security and comfort at the core of it all. The X6Play has all the famous Xplora features that parents and kids have learned to love:

  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Voice messages
  • Pedometer
  • GPS-function
  • School mode
  • Safety-zones
  • Alarms
  • SOS-function
  • No access to Internet or social media
  • Parental app
  • Access to the Goplay activity universe with tons of kid content

Switch, Mix & Match! 

In addition to being more powerful than the XGO3 and other smartwatches for kids on the market, the X6Play is uniquely designed to be customised and personified

Out of the box, our X6Play premium smartwatch comes with a variety of ways you can personalize it. In addition we are launching the Xplora Colour Party - a new set of accessories which will give you 3400 color combinations to choose from! We live in a modern world of diversity where kids love to express their emotions and find that spark to be themselves.

That is why we have connected emotions and identity to the straps and frames on the smartwatch, letting kids express themselves through a fresh palette of colors. It is easier than ever to switch, mix and match, where the kids can clip on and off the straps, frames and loops! One day playful and happy, the other day thoughtful and curious! 

So, what color are you today?

So, why is the X6Play better than XGO3 and X5 Play? Here we go! 

→ Higher resolution (360x440) screen with animations

→ Faster processor (1,2Ghz Quad-core) 

→ Longer lasting battery (880mAh)

→ More accurate GPS than the X5 Play

→ Better camera! (5MP vs. 2MP)

→ Better integration with the Goplay activity universe

→ More storage (8GB)

→ The Xplora Color Party with customisation and more personality.

Common features for all Xplora smartwatches

Xplora app - always stay connected:

All Xplora watches are set up and managed via the Xplora app. This way, parents always have an overview and control. They can enter and add contacts via the app, and only these contacts are visible on the Xplora watch. The child can only communicate with the contacts that have also been stored by the parents. The live location of the watch can be viewed by the parents at any time via the app. All other functions, such as setting an alarm, school mode, or safety zones, are also controlled via the parental app.

Xplora activity universe:

Xplora believes that kids should be encouraged to stay active and explore the world around them. Xplora’s reputation as the world’s leading smartwatch for kids has allowed us to be pioneers in this space. Using our revolutionary rewards system, kids receive 1 Xplora Coin for every 1,000 steps they take. Xplora Coins are valid in the unique Xplora activity platform that features fun games, activities, and exciting campaigns. Working with major film and TV companies such as Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, and Netflix, we run regular campaigns on the platform, encouraging children to be more active. These often include competitions and amazing prizes for topping the leaderboard.


You really can’t go wrong with a smartwatch from Xplora! It is the most trusted brand in the market category. If you only need an easy and quick solution to stay connected to your kid while it is outside exploring the world, be more active and the possibility to join Xplora activity campaigns - the XGO3 has all you and your family need! 

If you want some more power, a better screen, battery, more storage and a better camera then our main Premium model X6Play is to recommend. Slightly more expensive, but a smartwatch that delivers on the next technical level, while at the same time can be used in a more personal and more playful way! 

So, what is your choice? Go to our webshop and decide now! 

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