Elastic Fabric Wristband (X6Play)

Colour: Rainbow
Size: 108mm
Kids' Smartwatch Elastic Fabric Wristband
Introducing our colourful and kid-friendly elastic fabric wristband. Perfectly sized for little wrists, this braided strap is practical and playful, compatible with our X6Play and X6Pro watch models.

Ultra-Comfort Nylon Bands

High-quality woven nylon fabric provides ultra comfort and friendliness to sensitive skin. Designed for all-day wear, these bands offer unmatched comfort without interrupting your daily activities.

  • Breathable fabric: Keeps little wrists cool and comfortable.
  • Flexible fit: Stretches to fit snugly and securely.
  • Water-resistant: Ready for splashes and spills.
  • Kid-size dimensions: 20 mm width, 96 mm and 108 mm length.
  • Vibrant colours: Available in four bright, attractive, braided colour patterns.
  • Easy to wear: No buckles or clasps to fuss with, so kids can quickly put on or take off their smartwatch.