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Protect your child from the internet and social media

Protect your child from the internet and social media

There are divided opinions about giving mobile phones to children at an early age. There is a lot of talk about the influence of social media and inappropriate content that children are exposed to on the internet - even if they are not mature enough for it. Introducing a mobile phone to children with the internet and social media is something most parents find uncomfortable, and that feeling is well justified!

Nasty facts about social media and the internet

We all want to be in contact with the children during the day to check their status quickly. However, the reality is that when a child is introduced to a mobile phone, it not only opens up the possibility that you, as a parent, can make calls and send SMS. At the same time, a whole new world opens up where the child can come into contact with anyone and be exposed to anything. As parents, you may think that you can direct your child to look at "the right things", but it doesn't take long before the child is exposed to something else - whether they want to or not.

Early body fixation and depression in social media use

As an adult, you can – in the vast majority of cases – manage, sift and filter the content you are exposed to, but children cannot. Children do not know that most of what is posted on social media is distorted and filtered. It doesn't matter how often you as a parent say it's not real - children cannot think like us adults, and according to the research, this goes beyond their self-esteem and self-esteem. As a child, you don't have to think about beauty tips, body ideals and plastic surgery. Children should be allowed to be children for as long as possible!

Lisa Thorell, docent at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, has recently prepared a research overview of the area with her research colleague Sissela Nutley. Their findings suggest that eating disorders, depression and low self-esteem are becoming increasingly common at an early age - which is strongly linked to social media:

- Based on social media content, an incredible body fixation very early in life affects how you feel. Looking at images that contain beauty ideals in social media often leads to negative feelings about one's own body, eating disorders and lower self-esteem and self-esteem.

Protect your child through better options

Society is not safe, and we understand that you, as a parent, want - despite the inconvenience of social media and the internet - to stay in touch with your child. As a parent, you are thus forced to weigh the pros and cons of a mobile phone, and it is often more important to have a direct link to the child - we understand that. But you don't have to choose either or! There is a better option for those who, like us, feel deeply concerned about the growing trend of giving cell phones to children at too young an age.

Mobile phones uniquely adapted to children

Our innovative smart watches with ring function are uniquely designed for children aged 4 to 12 years. We have chosen to exclude the internet and social media from our products and rather put the focus on what is essential - namely, keeping in touch with loved ones. So you have all the vital functions a mobile phone has (such as making calls, receiving calls and sending messages). Still, we have adapted it even more for children and parents.

The products are also connected to our intelligent parent app, where you can enter approved contacts, see where your child is in real-time via the watch's GPS, define safe zones and activate school mode. Moreover, unlike a mobile phone, the Xplora watch sits securely on the child's arm, minimising the risk of theft or loss. When the child has free hands, the child is also encouraged to play and move.

Our tip – wait with a mobile phone for children!

We at Xplora are not against technological development - we agree that it has many advantages! Nevertheless, as a parent, you should wait to introduce a mobile phone to your children. The internet and social media come with some risks, which we are convinced an older child/teenager can handle better than a younger child.

Throughout your child's life, you have certainly bought products that have been developed uniquely for children, such as baby food, highchairs, prams, cots, and robust toys. Why not do the same with your child's first mobile phone?

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